Watermelon Lemonade ECOFIT H20™ 12 Pack

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You only have 1 body and 1 life. So treat your body well! Treat your body to ECOFIT H2O™ today!


2 reviews for Watermelon Lemonade ECOFIT H20™ 12 Pack


    My son gets bad cramps and headaches from dehydration, especially after hot soccer games. He had 1 bottle of Watermelon Lemonade during his game, and he never cramped at all. He liked the taste so much, he had the Peach Citrus after the game.

    This stuff works, no sugar and tastes good too.

    I don’t know how they did it.

  2. C. Lee

    Ecofit H20 Watermelon Lemonade is my favorite. It’s also a great recovery and hangover relief drink. It worked wonders for me on one of those occasional late nights. Terrific product.

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